Transfer of credit

Smobilizzo crediti

Omniatel can assist its customers in management of the entire credit lifecycle, helping them turn what is sold into cash.

What happens if a company needs to bring forward its cash flow?Thanks to the company  Kleinen S.p.A., a financial broker registered on the general list pursuant to Art. 106 of Legislative Decree 385/95, we can offer companies the chance to transfer even small amounts of hard-to-collect credit with Italian customers and those in the EMEA area. 


Kleinen operates in the sector of transferring hard-to-collect credit and as a financial broker through one of Italy’s leading factoring companies for all operations with and without recourse. The credit purchase – factoring service is organised to allow companies to adopt optimum solutions supporting credit management, allowing them to free up resources and have the available funds for their business needs.


– Streamlining of company processes
Reduction of debtors’ operating costs
– Reduction of legal disputes and the relative costs, quantifiable in terms of time and money
– Reduction of charges linked with late payment
– Elimination of the insolvency risk
– Immediate monetization of the transfer value
– Improved cash flows
– Improved company rating
– Freeing up resources to dedicate to the customer’s own business
– Successful collection of credit, turning a problem into an opportunity
Smobilizzo crediti

Credit transfer is an opportunity to give your credit more value

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