From 1st February 2014, all credit transfers and direct debits made in the European Union are carried out according to the uniform requirements set out in the EU Regulation on the Single Euro Payments Area – SEPA (Reg. No. 260/2012).

The overcoming of national and cross-border differences in payment services is a significant step forward for the internal market but it means adjusting to new regulations.

Every company must have access to their customers’ IBAN thought the information does not always comply with the regulations, and exposes the seller to the risk of outstanding payments.

Gestione sepa
Gestione sepa

To help overcome this risk, Omniatel offers a customer registry update service in order to:

  • Reduce administrative inconsistencies;
  • Eliminate problems arising from the migration from RID to SDD payments (SEPA Direct Debit);
  • Reduce “involuntary” defaults

From a customer’s perspective, Ominatel’s customer care services include:

  • Calls to the customer’s bank to solve problems resulting from the migration from Rid to SDD;
  • If the customer’s bank is unable to provide the necessary information, Omniatel insists with customer contacts (applicant, joint-debtor, guarantor);
  • Normalization of customers’ list;
  • Customer sensitization to explore alternative ways to effect payment of any outstanding amounts.
Gestione sepa

The process of telephone contacts (with the bank and / or with the customer) aims at finding:

  • the exact indication of the debit IBAN;
  • verification of ownership of the account through the tax code and / or the correct indication of “codes mandate” to resume a normal payment process

Thanks to Omniatel’s information systems and web platform, the Purchaser is able to monitor the activities already pursued and those still underway in “real time”.

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