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Omniatel Phone Collection service consists on a set of modular phone interventions such as control, reminder and credit collection.
The service is addressed to those companies aiming at the control of the path of every invoice issued, collecting expiring credits in time and collecting expired credits.

Omniatel offers flexible and personalized services according to the specific credit features with particular reference to:

  • seniority
  • customers typology
  • report of interventions
  • formerly executed



Phone Collection


  • Use of teams highly specialised in telephone credit recovery and management, by service, market sector of reference and product (bills, sales invoices, loan instalments), always with a view to protecting the business relationship between the customer and its own client
  • Rapid action in 30-day assignments
  • Prompt action to reduce the risk of insolvency
  • Coverage of the various time periods maximises the probability of contacting the debtor within the agreed times. Entry of payments made, monitoring of promises to pay, identification of the reasons preventing payment of invoices, allowing a gradual reduction of collection times
  • The Omniatel IT systems allow storage of the information collected during contacts with the debtor for the entire assignment period, maximising the efficiency of the action.
  • WEB publications allow the customer to monitor the activities performed and in progress in “real time”, in both detailed and summary form.

Some advantages

  • Report of requests and expectations shown by the client/debtor contacted, which could be used inside the company to improve the customers management and satisfaction
  • Timely clearness of every single dispute
  • Preventive evaluation of managerial costs
  • Constant time reduction of collections proceeds
  • Conversion of fixed costs into variable costs
Phone Collection

Clients will be able to display through Internet, at any time, in a totally safe way and in real time, the information achieved, using a customized password.

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