Out-of-court credit recovery

Recovery of credit is a basic activity for all companies and this is precisely why Omniatel guarantees maximum ,professionalism and effectiveness in the actions taken, always guaranteeing the Customer/Vendor relationship.

Omniatel operates in out-of-court management of credit with companies and private individuals, optimising collection times in order to minimise recourse to legal action.

Out-of-court credit recovery involves:

– placing in arrears and payment demands
– repeated constant telephone contacts with the debtor, in order to support placing in arrears and settle any disputes
– visits to debtors’ domicile by our revenue collection network collaborators, with coverage throughout the entire country
tracking, advisable if the debtor is untraceable
– management of any recovery plans
– legal warning and phone tracking
– final report, useful in assessing the actions to be taken
Out-of-court credit recovery
Out-of-court credit recovery


More incisive actions thanks to a team highly specialised in credit management and recovery by service, goods sector of reference and product (bills, sales invoices, loan instalments)
– Targeted, skilled and incisive actions to reduce outstanding payments and increase collection volumes
Constant reduction of collection times (DSO)
– Reduction of legal actions and therefore the relative costs and times
– Reduction of fixed costs
– Savings in time and resources to dedicate to the customer’s core business

Customers may view the information obtained via the Internet, at any time, in total security and in real time, using their own personal password

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