Management of orders, invoices and documentation, archiving

Whereas the Assets Cycle involves management of customer-related procedures, the Liabilities Cycle also includes management of vendor-related procedures: orders, proposals, entry of invoices and checks on payment times.

Correct management of the Liabilities Cycle is a sensitive area which affects both, a company’s efficiency and its costs.

Optimising the processes involved in the liabilities cycle also influences many strategic company functions, such as monitoring stocks, checking orders and transport documents and therefore reducing payment approval times, thereby avoiding the need for payment demands or late payment.

The Omniatel service is provided through an ICT link with the Customer’s own accounting system and allows:

entry of vendors’ invoices

check on correctness of invoices through congruity checks (quantities ordered/ quantities invoiced, unit price, vendor, etc.);
check on entry of goods into the warehouse or performance of the service and also existence in the System of  an identical invoice entered previously;
entry of invoices within the times required by the SLA;
return to vendors of invoices which do not correspond with the order, for the appropriate corrections;
electronic archiving (scanning and profiling) of the documents entered, which are accessible to customers for consultation (on-line or on magnetic medium);
archiving of original invoices and transmission to customers;
activation of an in-bound service to satisfy vendors’ information requirements.


The global solution of the Omniatel liabilities cycle provides companies with an efficient and effective “turn-key” vendor administration service .


  • Guaranteed security and privacy
    All the data acquired is considered to belong to the customer. It will not be disclosed or transferred to third parties and it is managed in accordance with Privacy regulations.
  • Real time communication and connection
    Highly secure IT and ICT systems allow totally confidential data exchange.

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