Gestione Crediti Verso la Pubblica Amministrazione

Omniatel S.p.A. offers the market the management activities of commercial credit to the central and local public bodies , relying on established relationships with respect to local health authorities, hospitals, clinics accredited by the NHS, universities, barracks, ministries, prefectures, regions, provinces, municipalities, where we able to assist the process of approving the payment orders and identify and resolve red tape to the liquidation of invoices. 

The service includes various activities, aimed to document the Customer’s credit status and resolution of any exceptions / objections that have delayed / prevented the payment of receivables from the public administration allowing the customer to:

  • Unlock problem loans, avoiding legal action
  • Improving  the “Days Sales Outstanding” (D.S.O.)
  • Verify the accuracy of their financial statement 


At Omniatel, managing credit with the Public Administration means:

  • acknowledgement of credit
  • certification of credit
  • support in collection
  • reconcilement of statements of account

Use of personnel highly specialised in this particular market sector means we can provide targeted telephone assistance and direct intervention with the government agencies, in order to check personally on the item payment procedure, define/settle payments and monitor cash flows with the regional authorities/government agencies.



  • Advice and support for the conclusion “in bonis” substandard practices, resulting in a reduction of legal action and related costs
  • Reconciliation of credit and setting procedures for settlement agreements and repayment plans agreed with the Directorate General Body and the Principal)
  • Timely identification and definition of bad debts
  • Real-time monitoring of credit rating
  • Updates master data entities debtors
  • Reorganization charges of individual accounts with invoices sent cumulative
  • Certification credit
  • Transformation of high fixed costs (credit management) content into variable costs (percentage of recovered)
Gestione Crediti Verso la Pubblica Amministrazione

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