Foreign credit recovery

Omniatel S.p.A. has been a market leader for over 10 years in credit recovery and management, in and out of court, in Italy and abroad.

Recupero Credito

Due to its consolidated experience in Credit Management, Omniatel has joined the KG EOS Network, to guarantee Italian firms with foreign credit an efficient process of trade credit recovery and management, including credit from the Public Administration.

Recupero crediti Estero
Recupero crediti Estero


is a world leader in credit discount and management services.
It operates in Europe, Asia, the USA and Africa through over 120 branches and with a workforce of over 8,000 people, capable of guaranteeing the best solutions for the local situations involved.

The  Cross Border Team, with representatives present in every branch, uses its extensive expertise and knowledge of foreign markets to satisfy our customers’ needs promptly: communication between the different partners worldwide is guaranteed by a single operating platform, which allows global and direct management of credit in any country worldwide.

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