Contact Center

Omniatel is able to support companies in the management of Italian, CEE, EMEA clients through call/contact services supported by advanced technologies.

The choice to work since the beginning on a Tcp/Ip network and on a phone server rather than on classic branch exchange, made of Omniatel a bench mark for those companies choosing to make use of Internet not only for data transmissions but also for integrated vocal communications.

Omniatel is able to support companies with the planning and the direct managing of “inbound” phone services, that is to say connected to incoming contact flows, or “outbound” services, connected to outcoming contact flows.

Omniatel is able not only to supply call center services, but also the structure, located in several connected places

Le attività del Customer Service Omniatel

Omniatel Customer  Service activities:

“Inbound” activities
 Phone assistance and help desk, to give clients consultancy on services or specific products , in Italy and abroad.
Free toll number and basic information management pre and post-sale.

“Outbound” activities
 Database qualification, with updates and information integration
Market researches.  Pre and post-sale check of client’s satisfaction
Telemarketing and direct contacts towards clients or prospects
Teleselling or phone sale of products and services,  Support to the sales cycle management with financial controls,checks and payment reminders

Contact Center

Il Customer Service di Omniatel offre:

Omniatel Customer provides:
Advanced technology assured by advanced CRM (Customer Relationship Management) information platforms,Updateable scalabile, customisable software ,Full integration with the company information system, to assure the continuity of the information flow and to avoid further expensive investments, Customized services and creative proposals able to change into new working methods, created to satisfy specific needs
Contacts are available 24 hours a day with a large feedback and a high redemption.  Professional, efficient and constantly updated staff,  “Hybrid” services con be realized on request, partly automated, partly with an operator
Reduction of internal management fixed costs, substituted by costs varying according to volumes managed (or to results achieved)
Business development on the Italian, CEE and OCSE market
Contact Center

Le fasi standard per la realizzazione di un progetto:

Standard project realization phases:
Targets definition and project analysis
CTI technological infrastructure (phone line, voice mail, e-mail, etc.)
Operator’s profile, selection, training and supervision,       Aswering service (qualitative aspects and evaluation of traffic volumes),  Phone communication script
Performances measure standards (answering times, etc.)
Reporting settlement

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