Informazioni commerciali

Omniatel offers a qualified business information service, even at investigation level, as per license art. 134 TULPS.

Our business information service allows us to quickly analyse customers’ reliability at any level, both before and during supply collaborations, thus reducing insolvency risks.

This is a useful tool for determining the solidity of a company, which is essential information before starting a working collaboration, prior to pursuing legal proceedings, and to evaluate the feasibility of the action to avoid potential unnecessary expenses.

Here are some of the main services offered:

  • Business profile: document that provides information on any Italian company, individual or collective, registered with the Register of Companies held by the Italian Chambers of Commerce,
  • Financial statements: accounting document that determines the result for the year and represents the assets and financial situation of Italian companies,
  • Mortgage survey: to verify the existence of real estate properties, throughout Italy, as well as the existence of any bonds and constraints imposed on the unit itself,
  • Home address tracing: starting from the last known address, we can find the new residence / domicile of the debtor, either by consulting public records or through the collection of information gathered directly on the spot and verification of the new address,
  • Cross check: verification of protests, prejudicial or bankruptcy proceedings for each subject and / or company,
  • Personal Profile (or statement): activities designed to obtain information about the financial position of a subject. The service includes information comprising of: National Cadastre, cadastral data, information on negative events relating to the borrower,
  • Italian information report: it consists of various types of services characterized by gradual levels of analysis, to measure the financial strength of new clients and monitor the risk of exposure to existing customers (chamber of commerce data, budgets, negativity, and trust rating),
  • International information report: it provides information on the company and its financial performance (for countries where balance sheet data are available) and operating balance sheet of companies resident almost everywhere in the world, together with their solvency ratio.
Informazioni commerciali

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