Bankruptcy and VAT recovery

Bankruptcy and VAT recovery
What if the debtor files for bankruptcy?The creditor recovers the VAT.

The Omniatel legal office will operate as if it were your own legal office, guaranteeing all-round assistance for all activities involved in entering proof of debt in a bankruptcy, until closure of the procedure itself, in order to exercise the consequent right and issue the so-called amendment note.

Omniatel performs the following activities:

  1. preparation of the petition for admission
  2. preparation of the late/prompt petition for entry of proof of debt in the bankruptcy;
  3. transmission of the petition, duly signed by the customer, to the competent bankruptcy court;
  4. once the deadline set for the hearing has passed, contact with the receiver to check whether proof of debt has been accepted;
  5. communication of entry of proof of debt;
  6. monitoring of the procedure until its closure.

Insolvency proceedings can take years, not months, and therefore require careful attention, continuous monitoring, a precise schedule for contacts with the authorities responsible for the procedure and a high degree of specialisation.

Omniatel will be your representative for updates on the results and monitoring of insolvency proceedings.

When a debtor is present in insolvency proceedings, the creditor can issue an amendment note to recover the VAT on the uncollected amount (art. 26, second paragraph, of DPR no. 633 of 1972).

Our legal office will monitor the bankruptcy proceedings until closure, giving the customer the legal certainty of reducing VAT by issuing a credit note. This service is therefore a genuine benefit, even when recovery is no longer a possibility

Omniatel’s main objective is transforming the fixed costs attributable to the resources used for this activity into variable costs, allowing its customers to outsource one of the most difficult problems they face, in terms of specialisation and operating times.

Principal benefits:

  • prompt and precise actions
    constant monitoring of insolvency proceedings
    use of specialised personnel
    reduction of fixed operating costs
    coverage of the entire national territory

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