I nostri servizi

The company specialises in Credit Management Services, which form its core business.

Our strengths are specialisation, professionalism and maximum flexibility, offering services which optimise company processes.

Each customer has their own different and specific needs, depending on the market where they operate: that is why Team specialised by sector and by activity follow our customers on a day-to-day basis.

Our major customers are all key players in their own sectors, which are: Utilities, Pharmaceuticals, Publishing, Tourism, Information Technology, Finance, Food and the Public Administration.

The reason for our success is our customers’ continued confidence in us


Teams specialising

in Phone Collection by contract and credit type

A broad-based revenue collection network

located through the country, which allows direct recovery at the debtor’s domicile;

An important partnership with the EOS Group

which is present in over 20 countries in Europe, Asia and the USA, through which we have access to consultants specialised on the international market, guaranteeing Italian companies with overseas credit are provided with an efficient credit recovery and management process.

I nostri servizi

Several Omniatel services

    • Management of the Assets and Liabilities Cycle
    • Phone collection
    • Out-of-court credit recovery in Italy and overseas
    • Collection at domicile 
    • Management and recovery of credit with the Public Administration
    • Legal Service
    • Credit discount
    • Contact Center
I nostri servizi

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