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What’s the secret of a winning team?

A winning company is able to perceive and to transform the changes of its times into new opportunities of success.

A winning company regards the future without “resting on one’s laurels”, because for being so it constantly needs to optimise processes, to change methodologies, to increase


Omniatel, with its wide range of services and its men’s minds is a complete and reliable partner.
It is a partner investing on technology and calling upon all its staff and its ideas to develop versatile and flexible solutions with you.
A partner putting at your disposal a range of modular synergic services, allowing you to devote your internal resources to your own “core business”.
A professional team belonging to several cultures able to build and to give strategic cohesion to teams formed on customers’ needs and directly involved in the outsourcing modular sales cycle management.



Omniatel has been certified for:


In 2008, Omniatel obtained the certification of full compliance with the procedures identified by the UNI EN ISO9001:2000 standard, an important step towards a growth process aimed at the continuous improvement of business processes.
Omniatel has been certified for:
Design and provision of judicial and extrajudicial credit management servicesmore information…


Recupero Estero


Omniatel, thanks to the experience in Credit Management is the exclusive partner in Italy of EOS.